Zodwa WaBantu Offers Herself To Gomora Star, Ntobeko Sishi


Zodwa WaBantu Offers Herself To Gomora Star, Ntobeko Sishi

Zodwa WaBantu has swallowed her pride and offered herself to Gomora star, Ntobeko Sishi. The exotic dancer, Zodwa, is well known for her unquenchable thirst for young boys (Ben 10). Zodwa, who recently broke up with Ben 10 boyfriend, Vusi. Zodwa and Ntobeko Sishi might be heading for romantic relationship.

Zodwa WaBantu Offers Herself To Gomora Star, Ntobeko Sishi

The 21-year actor, who is known for his the role of Ntokozo on Mzansi Magic’s hit series “Gomora”, posted an image of himself on Instagram donning a white hoodie and black t-shirt and matching cap, with a caption: “this worlds not for us.”

Zodwa could not hold her admiration for the actor and commented on his Instagram post with an inviting caption, “Eish Skhokho, angisakhoni, please inbox me.”

Zodwa vowed she would never date a famous guy, as she doesn’t like to be in love with someone who lives a fake life. She seems to be willing to break her rule, just for Sishi!

Zodwa’s love for Sishii has South Africans talking on Twitter, with some calling her the female version of R Kelly whilst others are asking for a chance to be intimate with Zodwa. We look at some of the interesting comments:
“She’s preying on young niggas, and y’all are laughing.”

“I get where you coming from it’s cringy tbh, if an older man did it he’d be in hot water and they’d call him out on his disgusting sexual behavior even if the girl was 21 years old like he is. We live in a sad, twisted and double standard world.”

“It’s acceptable because it a woman doing it? She is busy luring these young men under the name of guise of preference. Double standards”

“This not amusing at all. In fact, it’s disgusting, to say the least.”
“Zodwa always go for the young ones and the young ones cant keep up I wanda why does not she go for the people in their 40z, mayb they will not keep up also…let me thula my mouth shut”

“By being predatory if it were a guy saying this under a young girl’s post would it still have made your night?”0


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