Zimbabwe security forces clears air on second coup rumours


Zimbabwe security forces clears the air on second coup rumours

The Joint Operations Command (JOC) has cleared air on imminent coup rumours that have been circulating on social media.

Minister Kazembe addressing the media today coup in zimbabwe
Minister Kazembe addressing the media today

All heads from the army, the police and correctional services were present as they made a statement to assure the public about the security situation in Zimbabwe.

The six page statement was read by Minister of Home Affairs who made who denied that an imminent coup was being plotted in Zimbabwe.

Part of the statement read, “The government of the republic o Zimbabwe has noted rumours suggesting an imminent coup in Zimbabwe. The government would like to make it clear as the JOC that we dismiss the rumours with the  contempt they deserves.  The false narrative claim that the G40 who went into self imposed exile will come back and join the opposition and the security forces and take over government.

This is meant to undermine the authority President of Zimbabwe and to make the country ungovernable. Claims of a coup are unfounded. There is no coup in the make or any form of transitional government being suggested by the government.

They peddle these false narrative with internet based platforms and social media. There are other organisations that are also peddling falsehoods. Coordinated fake abductions and fake prophesies are also some of their tactics.”

Kazembe went further to finish his six page speech in the presence of Zimbabwe Defense Forces Commander Philip Valerio Sibanda, Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner Godwin Matanga and Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service Commissioner General Paradzai Zimondi

There has been talk of a coup being plotted in Zimbabwe with former Zanu PF faction G40 being mooted to be plotting to join with the MDC Alliance and the Zimbabwe national army commanders to form a government of national unity or a transitional authority.


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