ZANU PF Youths assaults Chitungwiza Mayor


Violence broke out this morning at the Chitungwiza Council offices resulting in the assaulting of the Town Mayor Lovemore Maiko.

The fracas is alleged to be a result of the feud between Mayor Maiko and Town Clerk George Makunde. The latter has allegedly not been attending work and the Mayor wrote a letter seeking an explanation.

Riot police had to be called to calm the situation and rowdy youths alleged to be @ZANUPF_Official members, began the violence that also resulted in the damaging of some vehicles .

Glass splinters in one of the vehicles damaged during the violent disturbances at Chitungwiza Town Council.

Mayor Lovemore Maiko wrote to Makunde querying why he has not been reporting for work and failing to attend any of the previous 3 Full Council Meetings.

“I would like to draw your attention to the matter above where you have not been attending both committee meeting and full council meeting for more than 3 full council meetings.

“In addition you have not been reporting for duty (work) hence you only report for work periodically,” it reads.

Cllr Maiko went further ask Town Clerk to write a report on why he has not been attending work.

“In that regard, may you kindly furnish with details as to why you were not attending committees and full council meeting as well as what you have been doing where and whether it is beneficial to council”, he said.


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