Xtra Large (Maroja) heads for split


Urban Grooves outfit Xtra Large could be headed for an acrimonious separation after one member of the duo announced a split that shocked his partner.

Norman Manuwere took to his Facebook page yesterday to announce that they were going separate ways, but his partner Jimmy Mangezi expressed shock at the message.

“We have decided to take a break from Xtra Large to try and rediscover ourselves and to rebrand.

“During the break, Jimmie and I will be working on solo projects. We need your support the same way you have supported Xtra Large throughout the years,” noted Manuwere on the Facebook post.

In an interview with The Herald Arts Manuwere confirmed the break up. “Yes we are taking a break. I do not know if there are other reasons besides those on my Facebook page. Just like Mafikizolo, they took a break when they became solo artists and later on reunited,” he said.

“I do not have any solo projects yet but as a musician my intention is to keep doing music.

“The projects are still ideas just like when growing up people have ideas. For example, some say when l grow up l want to buy a car or a house,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Mangezi expressed shock at the message.

“I am actually shocked because I do not know anything about taking a break and if there was anything it was supposed to be posted on our Xtra Large fan page, so l do not know what is going on. I cannot go into the studio alone,” he said.

The Xtra Large pair thrilled many of their fans throughout Zimbabwe with their humorous lyrics.

The name Xtra Large was influenced by the group’s desire to become more than just a youthful upcoming musical group but a household name.

Popularly known in music circles as “Maroja”, the group is one of the pioneers of urban grooves genre with more than seven albums together. The Herald


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