Woman sneaks away from drunken hubby for maize field romp


Woman sneaks away from drunken hubby for maize field romp

This emotional appeal to the public to observe the national lockdown as a measure to fight the spread of Covid-19, seems to have no meaning for a Bulawayo woman. The woman caused an action-packed drama when she was busted after she sneaked out of her house at night, leaving her drunken husband “fast asleep”, to have sex with her lover in a maize field.

Woman sneaks away from drunken hubby for maize field romp

The incident which happened on Saturday last week is still the talk of Esigodweni area in Cowdray Park suburb.

It is reported that the seemingly sex-starved woman only identified as NaCynthia was shamed after she invited her lover, Elvis Moyo, a kombi driver to her house for trysts before they were busted by their neighbours.

B-Metro gathered that NaCynthia suggested that Moyo should come to her house since her husband Mthulisi Ncube was dead drunk. Upon Moyo’s arrival, she tiptoed from the house to have a quickie with him in a nearby maize field leaving her snoring husband enjoying the warmth of the blankets alone.

According to a source the cheating couple was caught at around 11 pm after their noisy act coming from the maize field caught the attention of neighbours. After suspicions got the better of them, the neighbours, went to investigate and couldn’t believe their eyes when they found NaCynthia and her lover busy like rabbits.

“We were shocked why NaCythia had to do this to her husband. The husband is still struggling to come terms with her cheating. What happened is that when her husband who was so drunk fell asleep, she tiptoed from the house going to a nearby maize field where she met her lover and had sex.

“Their luck, however, ran out when neighbours who had been attracted by funny noises coming from the maize field went to see what was happening. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they found that it was NaCythia who was busy in the act with her lover,” said a source who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

The randy lovebirds were reportedly attacked while naked before NaCynthia’s husband was called to witness the incident. Moyo, who was still in his birthday suit, however, made good his escape before Ncube arrived. Upon questioning, NaCynthia, a mother of two, revealed that it was the third time she was having sex with her lover at the spot.

When reached for comment Ncube was hostile to B-Metro.

“What you heard is none of your business. Why are you always after exposing other people’s lives?” he asked before he hung up his mobile phone.

Meanwhile, NaCynthia who is reported to have been “red-carded” after the embarrassing incident could not be reached for comment together with her alleged lover.B-Metro


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