We Did Not Expect Stadium To Be This Empty: Mugabe Family Expresses Disappointment After Poor Turnout


The family of the late former President Robert Mugabe has expressed disappointment at the very low numbers of people who attended the founding father’s state memorial service yesterday.

People generally ignored the occasion and the National Sports Stadium was largely empty with some estimating the stadium was less than 25 percent filled.

Robert Mugabe’s nephew and spokesperson for the Mugabe family, Leo Mugabe told News24 that the family did he did not “expect it (the National Sports Stadium) to be this empty”.

Leo also revealed that there was yet another twist to the burial saga of the late president. He said that the moving of the president’s body to his rural home village of Kutama had been postponed for 24 hours.

Said Leo,

The information that I have coming from the chiefs in Zvimba is that the coming of the president has been postponed for tomorrow at ten o’clock.

According to the Mugabe family, the former president will be buried in a month at the National Heroes Acre after the government acceded to the family’s request to build a mausoleum for Mugabe at the top of the national shrine.


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