Video: Ex Zimbabwe Minister Mandi Chimene survives on selling buns in Mozambique

mandi chimene selling buns mozambique

Former Zimbabwe Minister Mandi Chimene is surviving by selling buns in neighbouring Mozambique after fleeing the country after the November 2017 coup. Chimene is seen speaking on a video talking to a relative and telling them she is living by baking and selling buns.

Mandi Chimene was known to be a fierce rival of current President ED Mnangagwa and used to publicly verbally attack him during the succession fights building up to the coup. Mandi Chineme was aligned to the G40 factions. Most of the faction leaders skipped the country as the coup unfolded with with former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo currently residing in Kenya, Former Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Former Social Welfare Minister Patrick Zhuwao in South Africa.

Chimene was also wrestling Mngangagwa loyalist Chris Mutsvangwa for the War veterans chair post.

Watch here;


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