Trouble For Protesting Golden Valley Mine Workers


MANAGEMENT at Golden Valley Mine in Kadoma has is instituting disciplinary hearings against workers who recently protested at Golden Valley Mine over a full-body scan.A national mineworkers’ representative confirmed the development.

“It’s true we are representing our members who are being charged with participating in a protest at Golden Valley Mine over a full-body scan,” Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union General Secretary Justice Chinhema confirmed the development to this publication.

Chinhema pleaded with management at Golden Valley Mine to exercise clemency on the workers as he said they acted on wrong advice.“

We are calling on management at Golden Valley to exercise clemency on misled workers who protested at the mine.

The union is calling on the mine’s management not to fire the workers who protested after acting on wrong advice from a mining representative group Amwuz,” he said.The trade unionist said it’s sad that the workers are now losing their jobs.“

As a pro-workers union, the turn of events at Golden Valley Mine are regrettable in that after the workers now losing their jobs.

We are pleading with the management to have mercy on its loyal workers,” Chinhema has since established that Golden Valley Mine has so far charged 179 workers and they are currently conducting hearings for 20 others.“So far 60 have been charged and some have been given final warnings valid for 12 months.

Of the workers facing disciplinary hearings, ZDAMWU has 16 members and we are happy that through effective representation, eight have been given a final warning,” Chinhema said.He also encouraged workers to follow provisions laid down by the law in the event of disputes.

“In the event of challenges at their workplaces workers should be patient to follow the correct provisions of the law, as provided for by the Labour Act,” he said. newzimbabwe

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