Sugar mummy demands her lobola back


A Waterfalls man is regretting tying the knot with a sugar mummy who offered him money to pay for her own lobola.

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Gift Guti, 34, claims that Rumbidzai Matanda, 44, is verbally abusing him in their marriage of less than a year.

Narrating his ordeal, Guti said Matanda started demanding back the money she gave him to pay for her lobola and threatened to expose him over failing to repay the money.

“My brother, my marriage is now unhealthy to the extent that I no longer feel ashamed to expose the real issue I am undergoing with my wife,” said Guti.

“Ndamboedza kuda kuchengetedza zita rangu sezvo tichizivikanwa but handingafire iyoyo nekuti mukadzi wangu andishungurudza zvekusvika pekupedzisira.

“I separated with my first wife and she (Matanda) also divorced her first husband but I am now regretting being ever at her mercy every day of my life.

“We fell in love and she later decided to marry me but I had no money. She is the one who gave me the money which I paid lobola to her parents.

“Rumbidzai is ever demanding that money and I kept on promising to return it asi handina mari yacho. Chakaita kuti andipe inyaya yekuti ndakanga ndisina mari yacho handizive kuti ndazoiwana kupi mari yaanogara achindishungurudzira.

“I agreed to tie the knot and it went very well but I am living in regret of the vows and marrying the elder woman before the marriage officer.

“She is 10 years older than me and I feel used and abused.

“The reason I felt it’s necessary to come open is that she is ever making false reports to police that I am assaulting her.

“I had never tasted police cells but because of Rumbidzai my visit to Waterfalls police station has become a weekly thing achishandisa mapurisa veipapo.

“She threatened to get me arrested if I do not return the money she gave me for her lobola,” said Guti.

Guti told H-Metro that he was expected to report to Waterfalls police station for counseling if not being detained following Matanda’s false allegations against him.

Contacted for comment, Matanda confirmed the story saying it was not for public consumption.

“Who gave you the story and my contact number. Vanhu ivavo ndivo vanemakuhwa,” said Matanda.

“It is our private life and has nothing to do with the public.

“My visit to Waterfalls Police Station was to receive counselling since we had a misunderstanding but as for the details it’s not for public consumption. Thank you,” said Matanda. H-Metro


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