Sjava speaks out after losing gigs


Sjava speaks out after losing gigs

Uzalo had barely announced the arrival of Sjava on their show, when in a shock move, the SABC announced his departure. Since rape allegations by Lady Zamar surfaced, the musician has been losing gigs.

Sjava speaks out after losing gigs

He spoke out today for the first time in a twitter thread. He denied raping her, but apologised for hurting her. He admitted that the year long allegations resulted in him losing income.

In the video, he claims that Zamar knew that he was in a relationship, but agreed to date him – but later wanted him to choose.

“When we started dating in 2017 I told her I have a girlfriend and she understood that so we continued our relationship. However, as time went on she changed and gave me an ultimatum to choose between her and my girlfriend. In our relationship a lot happened that left her unhappy as I was well invested in my music and neglecting her in the process. I hear the rumours of me being a married man, I am not married and I saw the headlines of me not paying child support, I do not have a child,” he said

He stated that he is against rape and women abuse or abuse in all forms.

See the full statement here:



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