Second hand clothes flood market


Second hand clothes flood market

CHITUNGWIZA people are risking their lives over buying second hand clothes that flooded the market at Chigovanyika Business Centre.

Second hand clothes flood market

Scores of clothing vendors without face masks filled the street and blocking traffic as they compete in selling second hand clothes disregarding health measures set by Government In curbing spreading of coronavirus (Covid-19).

One of the vendors only identified as Mai Chenai of Pachedutose Road in St Marys told H-Metro that she received a new clothing bale smuggled through Forbes Boarder Post from Mozambique.

Bales of baby wear, men socks, shoes and women dresses were on display while barber shops located at some houses were busy attending to clients.

“This is the business taking my children to school and providing food on the table so I will not stop playing hide and seek with police during Covid-19 yacho,” said Mai Chenai.

“This is a new bale I received on Friday and passed through Forbes border post from Mozambique that means everyone including those manning border posts are after earning a living.

“I am aware that health care officials are campaigning against wearing of second hand clothes but if people are buying them what do you want me to do considering that it is bringing me food and school fees,” she said.

Among the vendors were illegal foreign currency dealers and food vendors without putting on face masks as a measure put in place to curb the spreading of Covid-19.H-metro


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