SA citizens who were quarantined reunite with families


SA citizens who were quarantined reunite with families

On day four of South Africa’s lockdown, POWER Digital scanned the streets of Johannesburg’s central business district.

SA citizens who were quarantined reunite with families

Seeing people in tour buses wearing masks was strange because it is public knowledge that with the Coronavirus outbreak means travelling and touring are restricted.

This group form part of 114 South Africans who were repatriated by members of the South African  National Defence Force from Wuhan in China where the strain originated.

They were under quarantine at the Ranch Resort in Polokwane, Limpopo and they were released on Sunday after testing negative for Covid-19.

Mvuyisi Nkcosolwana who was also quarantined at the Ranch Resort in Polokwane says the group are free of the deadly virus.

“We are coming from Limpopo now some others have left for other provinces. They were trying to sort the issue of transport to get them to their homes. The [department of] social development was involed to communicate with the falimies as well as people who are close to them so that they can be accepeted in the society.

“That part is cleared out. So, these guys none of them are sick – they are all negative so now they are integrated in the community . Some of them need to go back to China but when the issue of China and the visas is resolved. The government is going to sort the issue out.

“We trust the government’s processes. The proper processes of government have been followed. We are in the medical faculty ourselves, relevant tests were taken,” he says adding that as a medical practitioner he trusts the process.

“Several tests were conducted and several tests cam back and they are negative. I am part of the people who were repatriated from China, a medical practitioner. These are the guys that are going to Limpopo right now. ”

He emphasises that they are free of the strain.

“All of them are cleared, they are negative. We are prepared to send them to their communities… We want the community to accept them as they are as the government has pronounced that these guys are negative.
“It’s time now not to look at the negative. Let’s fight the virus within the country.”

During a briefing on Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared the Ranch Resort in Limpopo where the group was quarantined, a green zone as they are clear of the deadly Covid-19 strain.

Addressing soldiers he said: “I thank-you because you volunteered… You were being sent on a dangerous mission. I characterise the mission you overtook as the most dangerous mission.”

Government has implemented stringent measures to curb the spread, including a nationwide lockdown, travel bans, the shutting down of schools and limiting access to public transport.

Under the lockdown, no one is allowed to leave their home unless to purchase food and medical supplies or to report for work only if they are deemed an essential service.

A 74-year-old man is the second South African to die after having tested positive for the virus.

He had recently travelled to the Kruger National Park with his family.

The deceased patient had an underlying skin cancer condition, melanoma which had already complicated.

South Africa recorded its first Covid-19 death on Friday, 22 days after the first case had been reported on Thursday 5 March.

The 48-year-old woman died two days after getting her test results.

Her husband had told the media that the woman had not travelled recently, though they did visit a wine farm in Cape Winelands the weekend before she fell ill and started complaining about being fatigued.

South Africa’s Covid-19 case count has risen to 1 326 on Sunday – with a second Covid-19 death confirmed.


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