Relatives of murdered man dump corpse at Mudzuri Zaka homestead


The case in which MDC-T vice President Elias Mudzuri is linked to the murder of a 23-year-old man at his Duriro Bar in Harare has taken a new twist after the man’s relatives dumped his corpse at the Mudzuri rural home in Ndanga Communal lands, Zaka today.

Relatives of Ronald Mukumbira, who also originates from Zaka, today camped at the Mudzuri homestead near Four Miles business centre where they allegedly performed rituals and sang funeral songs after taking Mukumbira’s corpse there.

Mukumbira’s body was taken to Mudzuri’s homestead in a coffin draped with a white cloth and transported using an animal-drawn scotch-cart before being dumped on a verandah of one of the houses at the homestead amid singing and chanting by relatives and villagers.

Mukumbira was allegedly assaulted on June 7 at Duriro and died on 10 June from wounds sustained in the assault which is linked to the MDC-T vice president.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed receiving a report that Mukumbira relatives had taken his corpse to the Mudzuri homestead in Zaka.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said it was illegal for the Mukumbira family to do that and warned them to reverse their move.

Police through the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Homicide Section has since disclosed that they are working on docket of Mukumbira’s alleged murder and Mudzuri would soon be summoned over the case.

Mudzuri allegedly teamed up with one Leonard Mudzuri and other unknown assailants and assaulted Mukumbira while he was drinking beer at Duriro Bar.

He sustained a deep cut, injuries on the head, ribs and knees and later on allegedly succumbed to the wounds after three days. herald

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