Ramaphosa will respond by Friday about lifting South Africa beer ban SOUTH AFRICA


The South Africa beer ban debate continues to make headlines as the presidency of South Africa has given the Gauteng Liquor Forum up to Friday to respond to their request of lifting the ban on liquor during the lockdown period.

The presidency wrote a letter to the Gauteng Liquor Forum advising them that they have noted their demand to have the beer ban removed or altered during the lockdown period. The Gauteng Liquor Forum is representative a group of liquor dealers and manufacturers in the Gauteng province.

South Africans are optimistic that the beer ban will be removed or amended.

South Africans are optimistic that the ban will be lifted as the presidency’s appears to be softening their stance on beer. The presidency is also addressing economic issues by allowing more companies to produce.

Mining companies are resuming operations

Other mining companies such as Impala Platinum have been allowed to continue operations to avoid bringing the economy to its knees. South Africans can only hope that beer manufacturers be allowed to operate too


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