Quarantined Returnees Burn Plumtree High School Quarantine Centre?


Quarantined deportees from Botswana who are housed at Plumtree High School are reported to have set the facility on fire after queries with authorities at the centre.

Sources in the town claim that a fire which broke out at the school late Thursday afternoon was possibly set up by the returnees who were disgruntled over their long stay at the centre coupled with extremely poor food and accommodation provided at the centre.

The sources indicated that the returnees have been complaining of overstaying at the centre after their prescribed period as government its failing to test them.

There have also been reports of returnees escaping from the centres forcing government to deploy heavy police security at the centres.

“Plumtree High School is on fire, ” said the source.

“We are very convinced that the people who are quarantined at the centre are responsible for the fire as they have been raising a lot of complaints to the authorities and threatening to force their way out.”

The country’s Coronavirus figures shot up on Wednesday after 75 new cases were detected at the quarantine centres and since then returnees want out of the centres in fear of being infected while at the centres.


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