Popular Musician Reveals Unusual ‘Secret’ To Avoid Getting HIV


Popular musician and choreographer Gift Katulika popularly known as Shiga Shiga has made very sensational remarks that mast_urbation helped him and his peers to evade temptation from women who threw themselves at them during their peek.

According to the local publication, H-Metro, the 46-year-old made the remarks whilst recalling the deaths he has witnessed from HIV related illness during his career spanning close to three decades.

”When I think of some people who died, because of recklessness and high-risk s_ex behaviour, my heart breaks.There is a friend of ours, a revered guitarist (name supplied) who is usually on the background of some top Sungura artistes as an instrumentalist.

”He told us that masturbation was key and he taught us how it was done when tempted by ladies of the night or loose women who literally threw themselves at us. He advised us that there was a need to masturbate when tempted by ladies, and some of my friends still do,” said the eccentric artist.”

Quizzed whether Shiga Shiga once used the remedy he got from the said guitarist, he said:

”Just know that Kana tiri musango monoitika zvakawanda. We were simply taught to masturbate in our rooms or in the shower rooms.
”Unofanisa kuisa tauro nyoro pamusoro wovhura shower and then woita masturbate.

”We were told that using a wet towel in the shower will help us to easily forget about the women that will be on our minds and the trick worked for some of us.
”It might be a joke, but one of our colleagues said he still masturbates.”

The talented choreographer also added that besides masturbation the Lord had protected him.

”We might factor in a number of tricks that saved us, but the Lord protected us and up to now I owe Him a lot,” he said.


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