Police pounce on journos and civic leaders ahead of tomorrow’s #31July protest


Police pounce on journos and civic leaders ahead of tomorrow’s #31July protest

Zimbabwe police has reportedly pounced on Zim journos and civic leaders arresting them barely hours before the #31July protests against corruption.

Police pounce on journos and civic leaders ahead of tomorrow's #31July protest
File Picture: Police beat up BBC journalist

Police late this afternoon raided the home of Zimlive editor Mduduzi Mathuthu accusing him of keeping and manufacturing subversive materials and inducing Zimbabweans to engage in public violence on #July31.

Mathuthu has since gone into hiding and police are illegally holding his sister as bait, twitted Jonathan Moyo.

“After raiding Matutu’s house, ransacking it and turning it upside down in search of imaginary “subversive material” for tomorrow’s demo, the police in Bulawayo have abducted Mduduzi’s sister, Nomagugu Mathuthu, and are illegally holding her as bait for her brother!”

Professor Jonathan Moyo, also said Zenzele Ndebele a Bulawayo journo is also on the wanted list and has gone into hiding.

This follows the arrest of renowned Journalist and Government critic Hopewell Chin’ono who was denied bail and remanded in custody until August 7.

Police have been targeting the leaders of the mass protest arresting them, including Jacob Ngarivhume of Transform Zimbabwe.

Police order businesses to shut down in cities across Zimbabwe

Meanwhile, tension rose in most towns and cities afternoon with the police and army ordering businesses to close while passengers were ordered out of ZUPCO buses as they made their way into CBDs.

Other city workers complained the State security agents tore their travel documents.

By mid-day, the Harare central business district was deserted as State security agents pulled all stops to avert a much feared replay of wild protests witnessed January 2019.


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