Police Arrest Over 1,300 In 24 hours Amid Lockdown


Zimbabwe arrested 1,312 people in the last 24 hours for flouting regulations aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus, local media reported Thursday.

POLICE say most people were arrested for violating a ban on public gatherings, other for not wearing face masks amid pandemic.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said most of the people who were arrested violated the ban on public gatherings while some of them were not wearing face masks.

“The police are making special efforts to track down those who have escaped from quarantine centers and those who have entered the country illegally,” Zimbabwe’s state-owned Herald newspaper reported.

Zimbabwe has arrested more than 52,000 people since a nationwide curfew was declared on March 31.

So far, the country has confirmed four deaths due to the coronavirus while the number of cases stood at 237. Newzimbabwe


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