Ntsiki Mazwai attacks South African men – They all have small Pen!ses


Controversial and outspoken SA musician Ntsiki, does not get tired of being on the firing line with the masses

Ntsiki Mazwai

Although some of her die-hard fans think she is hilarious, some can easily take offense from her controversial tweets. The musician found herself trending again when she said South African men, have small pen!ses.

On her twit Tsiki said..

I find that South African men are generally small sized pen!s men‘, Ntsiki Mazwai wrote through a tweet.

As if it wasn’t enough, Ntsiki vented out her frustrations about the vaccinating process in SA, for COVID-19. She said the masses must not be forced to vaccinate otherwise, hell will break loose.

The musician who is no stranger to drama tagged Ramaphosa in her tweet, and we are still waiting for the president’s reply. Ntsiki further asked the government, about where the solidarity funds, for the COVID-19, will be donated to. She said they cannot be donating money for corruption.


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