No Vehicles Leaving, Entering Kwekwe As Police Tighten Lockdown


POLICE in Kwekwe have further tightened movement restrictions while health officials are pushing for vaccinations to limit flare-ups of Covid-19, with no vehicles coming in or leaving the gold mining city.

The Officer Commanding Kwekwe District, Chief Superintendent Denford Maingire confirmed to that they had decided to be more vigilant in enforcement of the Covid-19 regulations. 

“We are trying our best in enforcing Covid-19 regulations in the city. We had two meetings with the minister responsible for Covid-19 mitigation and monitoring in the (Midlands) province (Larry Mavima) and another here in Kwekwe. We have agreed we are going to be stringent and stricter in ensuring that we implement and enforce Covid-19 regulations considering that cases are on the increase,” he said.

Maingire added police have since banned all movement of vehicles into and out of Kwekwe.

“We are restricting movement of vehicles that are coming into the city or leaving the city. People have different excuses some are genuine whilst others are flimsy. Sometimes we face difficulties in enforcing the restrictions.”

“We have decided to come here today (Tuesday) and we are trying our best. That’s why you are seeing the congestion of vehicles from the motorists who are piling up from both ends. Cases of Covid-19 are on the increase and people must stop unnecessary movement particularly into this hot zone,” he said.

Vehicles coming into Kwekwe from other cities and towns and leaving the city have been forming long queues at the police controlled roadblocks with drivers and passengers told to make U-turn.

Kwekwe is along the highway that links Harare and Bulawayo, and other major cities, and towns such Gweru, Kadoma, Chegutu, and Norton.

Two weeks ago, in a bid to enforce Covid-19 regulations, police in Kwekwe locked down the city and indicated that only essential services were going to be allowed into the CBD. newzimbabwe

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