….stage had become my office

…my poultry project collapsed

LUCKY Mumiriki vividly remembers May 14 2011.

It is a sad day he traded the stage for the hospital bed in what would become a turning point in his life.

He suffered a stroke, which has grounded him since then.

Again, it was the same month illness left him considering a new career-path after he suffered from stroke.

For the past two decades, the stage had become his working station while merry-makers cheering him on stage would give him the edge to go.

It is now nine years, one month and two days after Mumiriki was diagnosed with the illness which would cut his flirtation with the Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

Lucky and Macheso

Of course, he is still part of the group on an advisory role as Mumiriki can no longer play the guitar as he used to when he was fit.

A fiery rhythm guitarist who had a flirtation with the late System and Peter Tazvida, Mumiriki need no introduction.

And his contribution to Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo is beyond words.


Mumiriki said he has learnt to accept his condition which do not allow him to be back on stage anytime soon zigzagging his guitar.

“It’s now nine years and I have realised that my life won’t be the same again after that illness.

“My former boss – Alick Macheso – did not desert me after I got sick and he still checks on me and we always talk.

“He has been giving me strength and I respect him even though I can no longer help him on stage,” he said.

The former Chazezesa Challengers rhythm guitarist said only God knows his destiny even though he remains hopeful in life.

“In life we can’t throw in the towel and concede that we have failed but we need to have faith to keep pushing forward.

“In my case, I hope God has and will always help me to conquer and survive,” he said.


The father of three daughters said he was also not spared by the effects of Covid-19 pandemic which has seen many people losing their sources of income.

“It’s a phase that we need to think outside   the box to be able to survive in this era.

“I was used to the old ways of doing business but I am also grounded with this others who are struggling to make ends meet,” he said.

Asked how he was managing to sustain his family, the former guitarist of repute said:

“It’s hard but we have embraced the new era which does not allow us to do business the old way.

“I used to keep chickens at home for sale but the project has collapsed.

“Poultry had become my fallback plan but right now I can’t afford to checked feed and the whole chickens have been sold because it has been a while since lockdown was effected.


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