Mujuru warns Chamisa to watch his back


Former Vice President and President of the National Poeple’s Party (NPP), Joyce Teurairopa Mujuru, has warned members of the opposition to watch their backs in light of everything that is going on in Zimbabwe.

Mujuru, who is the wife of the late general Solomon Mujuru who died mysteriously on 15 August 2011 at Alamein Farm, said the opposition members should be wary of the people they spent time and sleep with.

On her facebook page, Mujuru went on to say the beast is sophisticated more than you can imagine, which is a vague statement but open for various interpretation on how the system operates when pressed in a corner.

Mujuru’s statement comes after a series of abductions of opposition members have been reported in various provinces. In the past weeks MDC reported various abductions of its senior members who were then beaten and left for dead on different occasions.

Though the MDC has made police reports on every incident of abduction no leads have been found by police which identifies the culprits.

Mujuru also warned the opposition not to be involved in illicit affairs with girls, not just girls but those that are popular.

She said the opposition should be on guard on every move as there are people listening wherever you are.

See below facebook post


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