Mugabe ‘imposter’ makes waves


Musician and comedian Tinotenda “Jah Bobo” Mutswiri has endeared himself with fans by mimicking the late former president Robert Mugabe’s voice.

Tinotenda 'Jah Bobo' Mutswiri (Picture by VOA Zimbabwe)
Tinotenda ‘Jah Bobo’ Mutswiri (Picture by VOA Zimbabwe)

The 28-year-old has become a social media darling following his skirts and songs imitating the late former president.

In an interview with H-Metro, Jah Bobo said he was inspired by the late former president to the extent of imitating his voice.

“Growing up l was inspired by the late former president that l ended up imitating his voice, to my surprise the voice came out just like his.

“I have released three tracks so far using the voice and the response is just overhelming, l am thankful to all those who are supporting me,” said Jah Bobo.

Jah Bobo also said it was his wish to meet up with the late former president.

“It has been my wish to meet up with him although it did not come true but l am glad that they gave me an opportunity to give a speech using his voice at their rural home in Zvimba.

“I did not meet up with him whilst he was alive but l managed to meet up with the family and l travelled with them to their rural home.

“I am also going to give another speech at the official burial,” added Jah Bobo.

Jah Bobo is set to release a six track album in October which features some of the viral songs like Ndodzoka here and Handisati ndayenda. H-Metro


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