More pressure for Gvt as all Health Workers Down Tools


Zimbabwe’s Health Practitioners have unanimously agreed to withdraw their services until abducted Doctor Petrt Mugombeyi is returned.

In a letter addressed to The Minister of Health, Medical Practitioners vowed not to return to work until missing Doctor Peter Mugombeyi is returned.

As the Health Apex Council, we met on the 17th of September 2019 and the following was resolved:

1. Dr Magombeyi, the president of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, was abducted on the 14th of September 2019.
2. In light of prior threatening messages he and other Health Apex Council members had been receiving in the past months, it would appear that this abduction is linked to his position as a Union leader.
3. The general sentiment amongst health workers is that the abduction is not only an attack against Dr Mugombeyi’s person but, at a greater scale, is an attack against unionism relating to the Interests of health workers.
4. As a result of such public sentiment, there has been a spontaneous decision by health workers to withdraw their services until Dr Magornbeyi has been returned safely.
S. The Health Apex Council, therefore, acknowledges the position taken by all health workers and supports the decision to withdraw labour until Dr Magombeyi has been returned safely.
6. Additionally, the Health Apex Council also advises all interested parties that we are suspending all Health Services Bipartite Negotiating Panel meetings until our security is guaranteed for us to continue to lobby for health worker interests so as to avoid what happened and is currently happening to Dr Magombeyi from happening to anyone else.
7. The Health Apex Council is an apolitical labour body whose interests are solely for the improvement of the welfare of health workers. – ……….

Health Apex council members
Zimbabwe Health Workers Union (ZIHWU) Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA)
Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) Zirnbabwe Pharmacy Technicians Association (ZIP.) Zimbabwe Environmental Health Technicians (ZEPHA) Zimbabwe Government Therapists Association (ZGTA)
Cc: The Chairman- Health Service Board.


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