Mom (73) Hangs Self After Son (42) Dies


A 73-year-old Binga woman allegedly hanged herself recently moments after receiving news that her 42-year-old epileptic son had drowned in the Zambezi River where he had gone fishing.

Inspector Glory Banda, the Matabeleland North police spokesperson told, local villagers in Sinampande found Makomwe Mudimba’s body hanging from a roof truss.

A neighbour who had rushed to Mudimba’s homestead intending to comfort her for the death of her son found the now deceased not at home and no one knew where she had gone to.

Mudimba stayed with her visually impaired husband, Mpolokoso Mudimba, who was alone at the homestead when the neighbour, Patrick Ncube arrived.

Villagers were alerted and formed a search party and later found Mudimba’s lifeless body hanging in the bathroom behind huts.

“We received a report of a woman who allegedly hanged herself after she heard about her son’s death. Her son aged 42 had gone fishing and drowned on the Zambezi River. We understand he was epileptic,” said Banda.

Villagers searching for the now deceased at 8 pm and found her hanging an hour later. newzimbabwe

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