Mnangagwa to tighten Zimbabwe lockdown


Mnangagwa to tighten Zimbabwe lockdown

Government is set to deploy more security forces on the streets in urban areas to tighten the extended lockdown as fears of a second wave of the coronavirus grows.

Mnangagwa to tighten Zimbabwe lockdown

This also comes as positive cases of the virus have grown and also comes as returning residents are said to be running away from quarantine centres. Health Minister Obadiah Moyo says that Government would need to tighten the lockdown to ensure that WHO guidelines on social distancing were being followed.

Meanwhile, police and soldiers yesterday locked down central Harare, ordering jay walkers and those not formally employed to go back home.

On Monday, following the easing of the lockdown restrictions by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a lot of people flooded Harare’s central business district and ended up stranded for transport back home as the Zupco buses could not cope with the pressure.

Others ended up walking to the Zupco depot in Coventry late into the night to plead for transport.

Source – Daily News


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