Mliswa Chucked Out Of Parly For Calling Ziyambi “Murderer”

Temba Mliswa

NORTON MP Temba Mliswa was Wednesday chucked out of the National

Assembly after alleging Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi had visited traditional and faith healers with the aim of killing.

He did not say why the top government official wanted him dead.

However, Mliswa’s claims forced Deputy Speaker Tsitsi Gezi to eject to him out of the House after quarrelling with Ziyambi for over 10 minutes as he accused the minister, who is also Leader of Government Business
in Parliament, of attempting to kill him.

“Uchaona zvako. Uchadonha sepawpaw. You must be restrained from visiting witchdoctors. President Emmerson Mnangagwa will one day drop you from Cabinet like a pawpaw fruit,” shouted Mliswa as Ziyambi stood up to answer a question from a Member of the House.

Gezi tried frantically to restrain Mliswa, but the controversial MP continued with his rants telling the Deputy Speaker he had evidence to support his claims.

“I have the evidence to prove what I am saying. He went to witchdoctors. Unouya nemishonga yako uchienda kun’anga. This is well documented. This is a shame on him (Ziyambi),” Mliswa added.

Gezi was left with no choice, but to call Parliament security, and escort Mliswa out of the Chamber after he refused to withdraw his accusations.

“Hon. Mliswa, may you leave the House now,” she ordered, but Mliswa refused to budge, adding; “I have evidence of him going to a witchdoctor. Do you want to have me killed? You are not supposed to throw me out. You cannot kick me out unless the spell is also on you. In Jesus name you are not anointed.”

After Mliswa had left, a visibly angry Ziyambi then interjected advising Gezi that Mliswa’s conduct was unparliamentary and should be investigated.

“I think this is unbecoming behaviour. He does not respect anyone in this House. It is high time that he be investigated by Parliament. He does respect anyone, and this has been going on for a long time,” Ziyambi said.

Gezi promised to probe Mliswa, and she will give her a ruling on Thursday.

Last year in June, the Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda imposed a ban for six sitting from Parliament against Mliswa for disorderly conduct in the Chamber.

Mudenda imposed the ban after Mliswa repeatedly interjected thereby disrupting the business of the House.

Last month, there was drama in Parliament after MDC-T legislator Memory Mbondiya slapped Mliswa forcing the Public Accounts Committee meeting to disband. newzimbabwe

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