Misred Silently Battling Cancer.. Exclusive Details Emerge


Misred Silently Battling Cancer

Details have emerged that popular radio personality and ZiFM Stereo presenter Samantha ‘MisRed’ Musa has been secretly battling cancer.

Misred Silently Battling Cancer
Misred Silently Battling Cancer

MisRed is yet to confirm the reports and has never revealed the details and exact nature of her illness.

According to a local publication Zimbabwe voice, a source close to her revealed she has been on treatment for several months.

“In the beginning she complained of a lump and we kept thinking it was nothing, but then you could see she was physically struggling and fatigued,” the source told this publication.

“On the other days she would be perfectly fine, but there are days when she really shows a face of pain despite her evident strength in this battle in her life.”

REVEALED: MisRed in secret battle with cancer - Zimbabwe Voice

MisRed, real name Samantha Musa, has maintained a serious face of strength in public such that it actually came as a shock when those close to her found out she is battling cancer, the source revealed.

It is noteworthy that she has always  publicly supported cancer causes and occasionally lends her voice on social media, to issues which have to do with cancer.


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