MDC-T Rubbishes ‘Zanu PF Puppet’ Stigma

MDC-T Leader Douglas Mwonzora

MDC-T spokesperson Witness Dube has rubbished continued claims the Douglas Mwonzora led opposition was a Zanu PF puppet.

He was addressing journalists in Kwekwe weekend.

The politician said the narrative that they were a Zanu PF appendage was being peddled by the media.

“There are some sections of the media which think that our existence is to fight other opposition parties or to be opposition of the opposition. That is far from the truth,” Dube said.

MDC-T broke ranks with the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance following a dispute on who should have succeeded late former party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

MDC-T, then led by Thokozani Khupe, now party vice president, was granted stewardship of the beleaguered political outfit when the dispute spilled into the local courts post 2018.

The Mwonzora led opposition has since broken MDC tradition of pursuing tough rivalry with Zanu PF with the Nyanga senator often seen cosying up with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF.

Dube was at pains to dismiss the assertions.

“We exist as an opposition to the ruling Zanu PF party because we have alternative policies, we have an alternative government culture which we believe in.

“In our view, we can bring about political, economic and social changes,” he said.

Dube said it was unwise to be incorrigible opponents to Zanu PF without looking at the immediate needs of suffering locals.

“It is not a secret that Zimbabweans are not comfortable at the moment and we need answers and immediate solutions.

“Zimbabweans cannot keep postponing their needs to the next elections. We cannot postpone people’s hunger, we cannot postpone people’s rights and we cannot postpone people’s suffering to the next elections or to use people’s suffering as agenda for the next elections.

“As a party, we don’t believe that people must live from one election to the other,” he said.

Dube said the country must not continue to be in an election mode.

“We believe that the lives of Zimbabwean people go on especially in between elections. That’s when people need leadership.

“They want a leadership which is relevant, which will come to give specific answers to the specific needs of the people.

“As a party, we a pursuing a philosophy of rational disputation where we are saying we are post 2018 elections and that we have a ruling party and we are the main opposition party,” he said, adding that there is need for Zimbabweans to dialogue and leave politics for elections. newzimbabwe

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