Man Dies on Council duty


A dark cloud of mourning engulfed the small town of Chegutu, when a contract worker died after a trench they were working in collapsed and buried him underneath some rubbles.
Chegutu town clerk, Alex Mandigo, confirmed the unfortunate accident.
“I can confirm that one of our contract council employees lost his life when a trench they were working on collapsed and was buried underneath some rubbles.
” I understand they were laying some sewer pipes.

Council workers try to retrieve Lovemore Chingeni’s body

” I heard that the trench was about 1,5metres deep,” said Mandigo.
He added.
” I am on leave for the next two weeks.
” You can get finer details of the incident from our chamber secretary Mr Chikuruwo,” he said.
Council Chamber Secretary, Jacob Chikuruwo,told H-METRO that the unfortunate accident happened on Friday morning.
” These guys were digging a sewer trench and we were rehabilitating our sewer using an excavator.

The late Lovemore Chingeni

” It was when they were removing some old asbestos pipes and replacing them with plastic pipes, when the trench collapsed,” said Chikuruwo.
He said that three of the workers managed to escape to safety .
” Vatatu vakakwanisa kutiza asi, Lovemore haana kugona kubuda akabva atsimbirirwa nevhu,” he said.
However, relatives of the deceased told H-METRO that their family was still shell-shocked and in a state of disbelief because of the untimely death of their brother Lovemore Chingeni.
He was 34.
The elder brother Obert Chingeni, 49, told H-METRO that the death of his young brother was a big blow to the family.
” Tarwadziwa zvisingati norufu rwaLovemore.

Obert Chingeni

“However, we believe there was an element of negligence from the employer.
” I want to believe that council officials were reckless in handling the issue, as they did not react timeously to the accident,” said Obert.
He added.
“Vanhu vakapinda vachida kubatsira vakadzingwa .
Vakapinda zvenharo vakasungwa nokuendwa navo kumapurisa, nyangwe havo vaive nechinangwa chokuti mwana abudiswe.,” he said.
Obert said that the unfortunate incident happened early in the morning when the late went to work around 8am.
” The trench collapsed upon him early in the morning .
” You can imagine, his other colleagues had to rush about 2km to the engineering department to seek for help and assistance.
” However, council then came about three hours later and retrieved his body..”
” As a family, we believe that council was very negligent in not supplying their workers with safety protective clothing.”said Obert.
He said that council was footing all the funeral expenses.
” Council ndiyo irikuita zvose pakuvigwa kwaLovemore,” he said.
Josamu Chingeni,33, the youngest brother in the family, told H-METRO that he was so much devastated by the death of his brother .
” Tinonzwa kusurukirwa zvikuru nokurasikirwa kwataitwa nomukoma wangu.
” We accept it that it was an accident.
” However, there are some aspects of negligence on the side of Council.
” I understand these guys were working on their own without maximum supervision.
” Surely council was very reckless with the life of our brother.
” Even though , council is doing everything in terms of the funeral expenses, these are all priceless.
” They cannot bring back the life of our beloved brother.
” He was a young man with a bright future ahead of him in life.
” He finished his university education at Midlands State University in 2009, ” said Josamu.
He added.
” He did a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism.
” Mabasa haasi kuwanikwa , saka akangotiwo regai nditsvage zvinondipa pundutso kuti akwanise kurarama.
” He was also a bread winner . A responsible father who was taking care of our widowed mother,” said Josamu.
He said that the late Lovemore has left a deep wound that was not going to heal.
” He has left us a deep wound that will take ages to heal.
” Ininiwo panditori handitoshanda. Mukoma makumbo avo atori nedambudziko.
” Saka hatisisina achatibatsira,” said Josamu.
He said that the deceased had left a pregnant wife.
” He has left a wife who is six months pregnant. Even though , azoshaikira panzvimbo yakadaro because of the economic hardship bedeviling the nation.”hmetro


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