Man dies after sleeping with prostitute


Man dies after sleeping with prostitute

A Glendale man reportedly died a ‘mysterious’ death on Monday after bedding a suspected hooker.

Ratidzo Njanji

The deceased, Crispen Magwaza,21, allegedly died after meeting one, Ratidzo Njanji, 45, who in a video circulating on social media, was confronted  by a mob.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the death but denied the reports of suspected juju.

“We have received the news of a 21 year-old man who died in Glendale.

“The parents of the deceased came to us seeking help to ferry the boy since he had died inside the house.

“They wanted the body to be kept safe at the mortuary.

“His parents denied what the social media is purporting that he died after sleeping with the accused woman.

“His parents said he has been sick since August last year.

“They even presented his medical cards.”

Added Mundembe:

“We can’t link the case to what people are saying but we are relying with the parents’ version and with his medical cards.”

The deceased’s uncle only identified as Magwaza could neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

Crispen Magwaza

He advised H-Metro to visit him.

“I can’t talk to you over the phone, if you want more information come to my place of residence,” said Magwaza.

Magwaza is however, believed to be the voice behind audios circulating.

“He was staying here at home and he left kuma 6 to 7 akasangana nemukadzi paroad, hameno zvavakataurirana wakawirirana, vakaita zvavakaita, akanorara ikoko akadzoka mangwana makuseni.

“We don’t know how much they agreed on the issue.

“Ndofunga akafadzwa nezvakaitika ikoko, and he returned the second day and he slept there again.

“He told her that he US$100 which needed change before he promised to go back with her money and never went there.

“That’s when the problem started

“He was not sleeping, aiita weti 20 litres bucket for 5 days and I asked him to be open, and he told me everything.

“He told me on what had transpired before we took him there where we met with the woman.

“She confirmed that indeed he didn’t pay and she was bitter.

“Akatenda kuti tauya , akati dai ndakafa, mwana wenyu aizondipa mari yangu paguva here,” he said.

He added:

“I then give her US$15 and she refused to take the money with her hands.

“Akati anozoitambira kana asekuru vake vauya, but while we were in the process of talking akabva abuditsa chimwe chidhori chainge chakabaiwa baiwa, achisunungura achitaura.

“Mwana akatanga kuchinja achidaro and we then left and he was okay.”

Meanwhile, in a video circulating on social media, the woman looked confused from the confrontations by the mob.

“They came with a prophet, vachingosvika akabva afa.”

She couldn’t finish her explanations as people were shouting at her.

However, social media is awash with different versions.


“He paid US$10 on their first encounter before he came back on the same day.

“He had US$50 of which he went and promised to bring back the change.

“He then went to his place of residence and spent days without returning.

“He then then fell sick for days and advised his parents on what had transpired who then went with a prophet promising to pay the money.

“They begged her to kusunungura mwana and she was confused that anga agadzira mwana.

“Anga asina kumugadzira although she was bitter,” said another source.

While another source said:

“The boy was born in 1999, akaita 12 A’s at ordinary level pa Rujeko High School.

“10 points A level last year and hanzi mfana akagumwa nemkadzi uyu whilst achifamba and all of a sudden akati mirai ndikuperekedzei kumba kwenyu kwadoka.

“After that akatoenda bho but akazodzokera because aiti I just felt kuda kudzokera and everything became history.

“So pa payment mfana anonzi anga anemawaya nema50 then he left on the pretext yekutsvaga change and he didn’t return

“He was a promising football star because coach we FC Charles recently promoted to Northern Region Division 1 Luckson Mapfumo anga achitoti he was one of the players we were counting on in the coming season.” H-metro


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