A church counsellor has been shamed for trying to lure a church mate’s wife.

This is after he had mediated in their domestic disputes.

Contacted for comment Nyore said he was in custody at St Mary’s Police Station after assaulting Madondo who had taken his relatives to the former’s house over the love messages.

Chipo Kuyengwa

Chipo showed H-Metro how Nyore tried several times to lure her for sex before she exposed the latter’s dishonesty to Madondo leading to a trap.

One of the messages sent by Nyore to Chipo reads; “Hapana kana chamakambondiitirawo to appreciate asi Mwari ndewemunhu wese.

James Nyore

Nyore was bashed at a lodge where he wanted to bed Chipo while promising to disclose Madondo’s shenanigans behind the wife’s back.

James Nyore

“VaNyore musadare kumasowe anoyananisa vatendi uyezve ndiye akaitwa munyai pandakaroorwa saka munhu aigara achitigadzirisa pane zvatinenge takanganisirana nemurume,” said Chipo.

“It was on the 6th of November this year when he approached me saying he had something secret he wanted to share with me concerning movements of my husband and I agreed.

“On the 10th of November he called me to enquire if I was free to see him for the issue he wanted to share with me and I agreed.

“One of the days he visited us and my husband asked me to drive him to his house since he was about to leave for work not knowing that Nyore had a dirty mind about me.

“Nyore went on to send messages demanding sexual favours and that is the time I realised that he had no story to tell but wanted sex.

“I agreed to meet him and he took me to a lodge while my husband was following and this is how we exposed his shenanigans,” said Chipo.

Madondo confirmed the story yesterday saying Nyore was arrested for assaulting him together with his son Tatenda Nyore who is on the run.

“I never suspected him ndichiti ndimadzibaba vekumasowe ndisingazive kuti aitomedzera rute mudzimai wangu nekumuudza nyaya dzenhema.

“Nyore has been a good man to me and he is the one who was the go between when I paid lobola; kana pamusha pake paCheza apa kuDomboshava ndakasvika naye.

“After trapping him I led my family to his house for discussions and he took his walking stick he uses at the shrine and assaulted me together with his son Tatenda after we exposed his shenanigans to his wife.

“I lodged a police report against him and is expected to appear in court tomorrow (today) and his daughter Kudzai is sending threatening messages over taking the case to police,” said Madondo.

Nyore’s wife was in tears and could not say anything about the matter. hmetro


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