Lockdown: Police demand ‘risk allowance’ bribes from public


Lockdown: Police demand ‘risk allowance’ bribes from public

Police manning roadblocks in Zimbabwe’s roads to enforce the 21-day lock down declared by President Emmerson Mnangagwa are demanding bribes termed as “risk allowance” from citizens in order for them to be allowed to proceed to their destinations.

Lockdown: Police demand 'risk allowance' bribes from public

Information ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana, a member of the ministerial task force on coronavirus, said they have received many complaints from the people over the bribe seeking cops.

“Getting a lot of calls during this #LockDownZim so we are establishing a helpline to deal with non-clinical queries. The majority of the calls being received so far are about some police officers soliciting for bribe at checkpoints calling it a “Risk Allowance”. Nooo!” said Mangwana. 

Mnangagwa last week described the deployment of the police and army during the lockdown as “symbolic” saying they had been instructed not to harass people.He said cops were also told not to block the movement of vehicles transporting food for the people.

However, video clips are circulating on social media showing the police and army beating up and torturing people for violating the lockdown requirements. 

When Mnangagwa deposed former President Robert Mugabe in 2017, he removed all traffic police officers from the country’ roads who had gained notoriety for demanding bribes from motorists.


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