‘I redefined priorities’ System Tazvida’s widow speaks out


Barbara Mabuyaye Tazvida’s widow reveals what she leartn on lockdown

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

BARBARA Mabuyaye, widow to the late Fanuel “System” Tazvida, says the Covid-19 lockdown has taught her to adjust her lifestyle.

It has been 21 since Tazvida’s death and Barbra says she has mastered the art of hustling to eke out a living.

Barbara Mabuyaye Tazvida’s widow


“For the past 21 years after my husband’s death, it has not been easy for me to bring food on the table.

“I always thank the Almighty for his love because I have been able to take care of myself of course with the help of others,” she said.

Asked how she was managing to sustain herself during the ongoing lockdown, she said:

“It has not been easy to adjust for many during this era because so many things have changed.

“In my case, I had no choice but to know my priorities so that I don’t strain myself.


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