I miss clubbing : Idya banana hitmaker


I miss clubbing : Idya banana hitmaker

SUNGURA musician Joseph Garakara says he misses spending time at the club drinking beer and sharing ideas with friends.

I miss clubbing : Idya banana hitmaker
Joseph Garakara

He said he is finding it difficult to spend the lockdown period indoors but for the good of others he has to comply with the orders.

“I miss spending time with friends and fans at the clubs.

“I am used to drink and share ideas with fellow men at the clubs.

“I take a lot of information from them and come out with good songs.

“Messages from my songs resonates what happens in the real life,” he said.

Garakara feels he has been affected much by the coronavirus fears as he was about to launch a new album.

“I was about to launch a new album which is already complete.

“Due to Covid-19 fears we are postponing the launch to a later date.

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“I also miss the microphone and entertaining people in a form of a live show.

“I am an entertainer who wishes to see people on their toes throughout the year,” he said.

Garakara urged people to continue observing social distance and follow instructions from health experts to save lives.

“Coronavirus is real people need to continue following instructions from health experts to minimise the spread of the pandemic which has affected every aspect of lives in the whole world.

” People should sanitise their hands and avoid unnecessary movements.

“We really need to contain this virus and if we are not careful there many will lose lives,” he said.

His forthcoming album is titled Mbama yemambunge.

To date he has six albums to his credit.


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