AN inmate who is on death sentence after killing four people believes he should be given a second chance in the society.

Doesmatter Vhore

Doesmatter Vhore who was convicted for killing four commercial farmers in Mashonaland Central Province said he feels like he is still suitable to stay in the society just like other people who did not commit crimes.

The murderer committed the crime with his other two accomplices who were also slapped with the capital punishment.

Capital punishment also known as the death penalty, is a government sanction practice whereby a person is killed by the State as a punishment for a crime.

They were sent to the gallows after the court found them guilty of murder with actual intent.

In an interview during the recent tour of actors, musicians and soccer legends tour of the Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, Vhore said:

“I still think we should be given an opportunity to have a second chance.

“The crime was committed in 2011 and we were sentenced to death last year.

“We have been writing appealing letters but to no avail.

“I am living in fear because I don’t know when I will be hanged.

“When the gates are opened I always think they have come to take me.”

The condemned inmate also told this publication that he wishes to eat one more proper meal before his death.

“I miss good food my brother, here we are starving.

“I pray one day I will get a chance to eat good food.

“Being on death sentence mwana wamai zvakaoma,” he said.

Zimbabwe has not had an execution for over a decade and President Emmerson Mnangagwa has indicated that nobody will be hanged under his watch.

He is a strong campaigner against capital punishment.


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