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HIV positive man jailed for rapping niece (15)

A 28-YEAR-OLD Mvurwi man was sentenced to 5 years for bedding his nephew several times purporting that he was curing his HIV status by having sex with the minor.

HIV positive man jailed for rapping niece (15)

The convict who cannot be named for ethical reasons was convicted by  Guruve magistrate Shingirai Mutiro on Friday and he suspended one year for contravening Section 70 of the Criminal law and Cordification Act.

Prosecutor Carson Kundiona told the court that on  January 2 and at Disi farm, Mvurwi the 15 year old girl eloped to his uncle’s house after falling pregnant.On January 5 the father to the complanaint followed her daughter and filed a police report leading to the suspect’s arrest.

The complanat told the court that her uncle sneaked in her bedroom hut for a long time and persuaded her to have unprotected sex so that he can be cured of his HIV status.

“Your worship, I consented to the sexual intercourse because my uncle had begged me, saying that he would be cured of HIV if I have sexual intercourse with him. Subsequently, he would wake me up and sneak me into his room and we would have unprotected sex,” said the complanaint.

In his defense the accused insisted that although he was unaware of the complanaint’s age, he had been misled by the fact that the complanaint had previously cohabited with three different men as husband and wife.

However the complanaint’s father told the court that he had previously informed the convict  of the complanaint’s age.

Kundiona told the magistrate to give the convict a deterrent sentence.

“This offense is aggravated by the fact that the accused took advantage of the close relationship he shares with complainant. Instead of protecting the complainant,  he sexually abused her and  exposed the her to the risk of acquiring HIV and other STIs. A lengthy custodial sentence will send a strong message to like minded people that are  abusing young girls in a bid to cure HIV has grave consequences.”

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