Harare City Council propose to increase water charges by 900%


The City of Harare City is under fire following its recent proposal to increase water charges by at least 900 percent. Water charges will increase from $0.80 cents to $7 per cubic metre.

Some ratepayers will be charged in foreign currency if their business charges in forex.

In a statement, The City Council sought a price increase citing the increase in water treatment chemicals, electricity, and other variables.

“Harare is proposing to increase water charges from $ 0.80c per cubic meter to around $7 to allow adequate funding of the water sector,” reads the statement. The cost of water treatment chemicals has increased by a factor of more than 10 since all chemicals are either 100 percent imports or have major forex components. The cost of electricity which is the second cost driver in water treatment and conveyance has also gone up. It has, therefore, become necessary to review the cost of water.”


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