Govt must give free 300 kWh power per household for lockdown’


Govt must give free 300 kWh power per household for lockdown’

MDC legislator Settlement Chikwinya has called on the government to given each household 300 kw to compensate for the loss they have incurred during the 21 days lockdown.

Govt must give free 300 kWh power per household for lockdown'

“Zimbabwe is largely an informal economy with most people earning a living through informal trading. The inevitable lockdown has seriously affected the people’s income as most live from hand to mouth,” Chikwinya said.

“In light of this sad reality I propose the following to alleviate  the lockdown induced suffering that government gives for free 300 kWh units of power to all household units. Any use above that the user will purchase at own expense.
# 4200 liters of water for domestic purposes per household . That is an average 200 liters of water per day for 21 days.”

He said # Telecom companies must reduce the cost of data by 75%, since the majority of information is being passed through social media services including soft copy newspapers, vital information on Covid19 must be accessed by all.

“This comes as a Community Social Responsibility by Telecom companies and more so the Universal Fund held by Potraz which is usually abused by Potraz during Elections can be used towards subsidising these data costs,” he said.

“We acknowledge that the US$26 Million dollars donated by Global fund is largely meant to be directed towards Covid19 interventions but surely my suggestions above can be better use than the shocking discoveries we will get a year from now when we audit these funds and discover that looting did not end.”


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