Girl Was Found Dead In Dobsonville Near Azalia Avenue Bridge


A teenage girl’s body has been found in Dobsonville in Soweto Town near the Sasol garage. The body of the young woman was discovered today by residents who alerted the police. Early citizen reports suggest the Dobsonville girl was raped and murdered.

Girl was found dead in Dobsonville bridge

The body of the Dobsonville girl is still to be identified. South Africans are angry about the murder of the woman and have expressed their anger on social media. We look at some of the comments:

“I wish us men could stand against Gender based Violence the same way we are collectively posting about Play Station”

“As we speak right now a female body has been discovered at Dobsonville gardens near Sasol garage , she has been raped and murdered, her identity is still unknown. We fighting a losing battle”

“Why do men hate us so much. Why Another body of a female found in a veld at Dobsonville Gardens. This is too much.Women need to arm themselves because no matter how much men are told how to behave…they never do. Can the #Not All Men brigade shut up”

Girl was found dead in Dobsonville bridge
Girl was found dead in Dobsonville bridge

“A woman has been found raped and murdered around Dobsonville Gardens just after the bridge towards islands. If you know anyone around with a missing family member please let them know as soon as possible”

“During Tshego’ funeral one lady said the minute these bastards attack your body God quickly remove your soul so that they do not touch it… i hope the same happened to the Dobsonville girl.” 

“Dobsonville doesn’t have railway lines…she was found next to Azelia Ave main road”

“#NotAllMen another body found today in Dobsonville. That is why this hashtag annoys me. We not gonna force anyone to understand this, if u don’t it’s fine keep it to yourself”


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