Ginimbi’s ‘new look’ causes furore


Ginimbi’s ‘new look’ causes furore

Ginimbi is attracting new debate on social media with his new hair-do which some claim is awkward and makes apparent his ‘ugly looks’.

Ginimbi’s ‘new look’ causes furore

Rocking a funky haircut is not what everybody expected but this time, the rich Ginimbi does as he pleases and is not afraid to flaunt it for all to see.

Recently having purchased a Ferrari and people gushing over such elegance, some had no kind words for this particular hair transformation, attracting mostly negative comments.

Some people have advised that he should stick to the old cut that made him look more business-like, unlike the new funky hairstyle that places him in the ranks of rappers and dancehall artists. Some said he looks great in both appearances. Those blessed with good humour said the businessman must.

Those blessed with good humour said the ugly looks and foiled hairdos will not stop women from running into his arms. It has since become a debate on social media whether looks really matter when one has the bag.

Prophet Passion Java once threw some shade at Ginimbi and said he has a big nose. The man of cloth did not even mince his words when he threw jabs at Ginimbi’s appearance. The businessman is, however, living his best life and recently purchased a Ferrari. He has been posting enticing pictures of himself at his lavish Domboshava mansion, enjoying some meals and savouring the moment.-Harare Live/ Youth Village


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