Fuel attendant shot three times


THREE shots were fired during an armed robbery that seriously injured a fuel attendant at Flo Service Station in Tshabalala suburb last night.

The fuel attendant was rushed to hospital, while the robbers left on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The fuel station sells the liquid in forex.

An eye witness said the robbery happened around 6.30PM when the fuel attendants were cashing in their daily takings.

“I saw the robbers running away after the sound of three gunshots. They were three and they jumped a fence on the eastern side of the fuel station. I think they had a car waiting in the distance on the road,” said the witness.

The witness said the fuel attendant that was shot was seriously injured according to his assessment.

“He seems to have been shot on the area around the chest. It seems they took two people who were outside and they forced them into the office, where the victim was counting money. Those inside sensed and tried to lock themselves inside the office but the robbers opened fire and that is how he was shot,” said the witness.

Residents, the witness said, are living in fear because of this spate of armed robberies that have happened in Bulawayo.

When the Chronicle news crew visited the fuel station, security details were on the scene taking statements from other fuel attendants.
A Safeguard vehicle and its officers were at the scene as well.

The visibly shaken workers at the fuel station refused to talk to the media.

When Chronicle left the police canine unit arrived.

This week police in Bulawayo held a meeting with businesspeople and security companies to try and find solutions to the unending armed robbery cases in the city.

Officer Commanding Bulawayo Police Commissioner Patton Mbangwa, raised concern over the keeping of large amounts of money at business premises and the poorly equipped security guards that man these premises. chronicle

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