FSG breaks silence on command agric funds abuse


Funeral Service Group Zimbabwe, FSG, a company implicated on the abuse of US$400 million command agriculture funds has broken the silence.

The Government of Zimbabwe, through the Ministry of Finance, is alleged to have disbursed the funds to the former funeral services company to provide fertiliser under the Command Agriculture program.

Appearing before the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee Chairperson Tendai Biti, officials from the Ministry of Finance failed to provide details of the company saying they know nothing about the company.

In a statement FSG Zimbabwe says it has never been contracted by Command Agriculture, but were instead contracted by “a private company” to which they supplied fertiliser which was then supplied to Command Agriculture (paragraph 7).

According to UK based lawyer VaMagaisa, FSG statement is confirmation that it really supplied fertilizer to command Agriculture albeit through a third party “private company”but it clumsily avoids naming this middleman which received the product en route to command agriculture.


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