Fraudsters target pensioners


THE Public Service Commission (PSC) has warned pensioners of fraudsters who are targeting them, judging by the number of reported cases.

There have been a number of cases of fraud in recent months as criminals hack into pensioners’ bank accounts.

In a statement, the PSC urged pensioners to stay alert as far as their bank accounts are concerned to avoid falling prey to the fraudsters.

“The Public Service Commission advises its valued pensioners and those with pensioner relatives that there are mounting incidents of financial fraud targeting pensioner bank accounts. The commission urges all pensioners to stay alert where their bank accounts are concerned, to avoid falling prey to pension fraudsters,’’ read the statement.

PSC advised pensioners not to give out personal information to anyone asking online or over the phone and to ignore unexpected investment offers on their pensions.

“Never give out personal information to anyone asking online or over the phone, personal information such as personal identification number (PIN), ID number, date of birth, bank account number, next of kin, phone numbers and email address,’’ read the statement.

“Ignore unexpected investment offers on your pension unless you trust the source. If you are contacted for these details, rather go in person to the bank where the message claims to originate from.’’

Personal and financial information is used by criminals online. With stolen identity, a criminal may be able to access bank accounts or obtain credit/debit cards or loans in one’s name and potentially take all savings.

The PSC encouraged pensioners to notify financial institutions and the police if their particulars are stolen.

Last month, police arrested two suspects on allegations of fraudulently applying for a SIM replacement card belonging to another person before using it to dupe several people of cash. chronicle

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