Former ZINARA exec in fatal accident


Former ZINARA exec in fatal accident

JOURNALIST and public relations practitioner Augustine Dalubuhle Moyo has died. He was 38. Moyo died Monday evening after being involved in a freak accident at Pennywise Shopping Centre in Eastlea.

Former ZINARA exec in fatal accident
The wreckage

Zim Morning Post understands that Moyo died at Baines Intercare after he succumbed to injuries sustained in a scuffle between him and a lady friend only identified as Sandra.

“He was having drinks by Pennywise with a group of friends and at around 8pm, he had a scuffle with one of the friends, a lady called Sandra.

“She tried to drive off but Augustine appeared livid and clinged to the car tussling for the stirring (wheel), that is when the lady lost control of the car and rammed into a tree squashing Augustine, he was rushed to Baines (Intercare),” narrated a source who attended to the scene.
Caption: Killer car: Wreckage of the car that killed journalist Augustine Moyo

Zim Morning Post heard that Moyo suffered a broken pelvis and suspected internal bleeding.

The lady also sustained injuries and was treated and discharged on the same night.

Moyo trained as a journalist at UMAA Institute and worked at the Sunday Mail where he rose through the ranks to Business editor of the weekly.

He then joined Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) as a corporate communications executive before resigning on December 17 2019 to pursue other interests.

His body is expected to be ferried to Marondera on Tuesday evening for burial on Wednesday. Mourners are gathered at his Windsor Park house in the same town. He is survived by his wife Chantelle and three children.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyati could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.

However, it is understood the lady in question could face culpable homicide charges considering the manner of Moyo’s death.


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