EFF calls for alcohol ban to stay


EFF calls for alcohol ban to stay

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called on government to dismiss calls by the alcohol industry to lift the ban on the sale of alcohol during the remainder of the national lockdown, saying it has no scientific rationale.

EFF calls for alcohol ban to stay

The Beer Association of South Africa, along with other liquor associations, has made submissions to President Cyril Ramaphosa to allow off-consumption outlets, like liquor stores and wholesalers, to sell alcohol.

In the video below, the Beer Association of South Africa calls for the lift of the ban on the sale of alcohol during the lockdown. 

The associations say the strict liquor regulations have resulted in many outlets closing down, with several people being retrenched.

A number of bottle stores have been looted in the country.

EFF spokesperson Delisile Ngwenya says there is nothing essential about alcohol.

“Alcohol abuse in SA plays a central role in destructive social behaviour and violent crime. Statistics show that comparatively violent crimes have decreased during this period when mirrored with the same period in 2019.

“It will lead to a rise of people not adhering to lockdown regulations and impromptu gatherings that will stretch our law enforcement agencies thin. The likelihood of infection will rise, putting all of us and our fragile healthcare system at risk.”

Criminal syndicate targeting liquor stores

Police Minister Bheki Cele says there seems to be a crime syndicate in the Western Cape, targeting liquor stores and outlets. Cele was in the province to enforce lockdown regulations.

There have been numerous incidents of looting and at least 14 people, including police officers, have been arrested for breaking into liquor stores in the area.

In the video below, Bheki Cele condemns liquor looting in the Western Cape


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