ED To Review Lockdown On 20 April


ED To Review Lockdown On 20 April

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that he is currently touring the country’s provinces to appreciate the situation on the ground with regards to the coronavirus pandemic and the effects of the national lockdown on the nation.

ED To Review Lockdown On 20 April

He said that the findings from the tour will be used to determine whether the national lockdown should be extended or its regulations are adjusted. He said:

We shall review the situation on the 20th of April on whether we adjust the lockdown conditions or we extend.

The president’s remarks come when there is a fake statement circulating on social media suggesting that he has extended the lockdown.

Zimbabwe is currently on a 21-day lockdown that is premised at stopping the spread or transmission of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The country also has 17 confirmed cases including three (3) deaths, a number which some say could rise if the government embarks on more rigorous testing, tracking of case contacts and quarantine campaign.-statemedia


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