ED government throws sand on it’s foreign re-engagement initiatives: US


Though Zimbabwe government is paying millions of dollars to lobbyists to try and amend its relations with the US, the initiative seems to be yielding only negative results as the government itself continues to throw sand “kudira jecha” on the negotiating table.

When President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa took the helms of power in 2017, he promised to put to an end Zimbabwe’s decades of isolation from the international community which had been caused by the failure to respect human rights by his predecessor RG Mugabe.

President Mnangagwa had everything in his hand to take Zimbabwe on a journey of economic recovery through political reforms which are a major setback on his current re-engagement process.

Soon after Mugabe’s resignation, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Robert Mugabe’s resignation as president was a “moment of hope” for Zimbabwe. This shows President Mnangagwa had been welcomed by the international community as the solution to Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess.

The July 2018 elections were a major litmus test for the new dispensation however the events that followed after the elections i.e the August 1 and January atrocities among others, changed the minds of everyone.

Currently the U.S. says Zimbabwe government’s heavy-handed response to any form of opposition keeps moving the country away from the negotiating table and the US is disappointed.

This was reviewed by a senior State Department official on Monday following a crackdown last week against protesters.

Washington had put everything on black and white for President Emmerson Mnangagwa on what it would take to improve relations between Zimbabwe and the United States. The U.S. has previously called on Mnangagwa to change Zimbabwe’s laws restricting media freedom and allowing protests.

However Mnangagwa’s government recently banned a series of demonstrations which had been organised by the MDC alliance in Zimbabwe’s major cities, Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mavingo etc.

The US sanctions against 100 entities and indviduals in Zimbabwe, including Mnangagwa was extended by another year by President Donald Trump saying Mnangagwa had failed to bring about appropriate political and economic changes.


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