DRAMA At The BLUE ROOF As Grace Mugabe Runs Riot,Kicks Out Zvimba Chiefs


Late former President Robert Mugabe’s widow, Grace  Mugabe is reported to have run riot and booted Chiefs from Mugabe’s rural home out of the Blue Roof mansion where they were  camped since Mugabe’s death.

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This comes after the traditional leaders from Mugabe’s rural home, Zvimba, allegedly marked the place Mugabe’s mausoleum will be built without the former First Lady’s consent, who was pushing to have her late husband buried in Zvimba.

According to the NewsDay, Grace Mugabe was infuriated by the traditional leader’s after it emerged that the Zvimba chiefs led by Chief Zvimba had their own interests which were contrary to the former leader’s wishes.

” There was a stand-off after it became clear that the chiefs were pushing their own interests and prepared to alter Mugabe’s death-bed wishes not to be buried at the National Heroes Acre, but at his boyhood village in Kutama,” a   highly placed family source told the publication.

The chiefs who had camped at the imposing Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale since Mugabe had died early this month were allegedly booted out on Thursday night after a meeting with traditional leaders, Grace’s sisters and Mnangagwa.

”What I know is that it’s the Zvimba chiefs who marked the grave (mausoleum) and Grace has not even set foot there, clearly that feud is not a lie. The people who have been taking the lead are Zvimba chiefs and they have not been at Blue Roof since the weekend,” a government source said.

”If she can’t allow them to keep the body and preferring to stay at home with her dead husband, what makes you think she will let them bury him at the National Heroes Acre where the army and his enemies in  government have access?”

Mugabe’s family spokesperson Leo dismissed the rumours that there was any stand-off between Grace and the traditional chiefs.

”Ummm, I am not aware of any stand-off. I am currently at the farm. I hope most people have gone back to their homes or farms. As far as I know, there are no changes. We are waiting on the government to finish working at the Heroes Acre,” he said.


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