Defiant MDC Threatens To Ambush Police In Retaliation Over Demo Bans


The country’s main opposition party, MDC-Alliance, has issued a notice that it will no longer be notifying the Zimbabwe Republic Police of any planned demonstrations against the government in a bid to avoid prohibition orders.

MDC Youth Leader Obey Sithole

According to the local broadsheet, NewsDay, the opposition party has resolved to counter police efforts to quash protests by engaging in flash demonstrations at different locations simultaneously.

The development comes after police banned a series of MDC organised protests which were scheduled across the country last month.

Speaking on the sidelines of preparations of the MDC 20th anniversary in Harare yesterday, Party youth leader Obey Sithole vowed to continue mounting up pressure against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government until a political settlement is reached.

“They have stopped demonstrations when we notify them, but they cannot stop us when we want to demonstrate. After August 16, if you have been following, we had a demonstration that we conducted and we went to Parliament over the abductions,” Sithole said.

“We also staged a demonstration at Parirenyatwa Hospital. We have simply resolved to have a change of strategy. Whenever we want to demonstrate, they have said you cannot continue, now we won’t be notifying them.”


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